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obviously not a friends only post. more of a clarification, really.
fnl: ocean

The Master List
(Check tags for chapters of longer fics.)


The Cindy Series: Cindy McLean always wanted fame...
Among Shadows: It is Glory's four-year-old season, and Cindy knows he could be Whitebrook's best race horse in years. But this is before Ashleigh buys In Shadows, a proven champion who may become Glory's biggest challenge yet. (PG, post-Glory's Rival, no pairing)

The Truth About the Rain: Cindy must leave the UAE, even if it means leaving everything she loves. (PG, Cindy/Ben angst, prequel to Before the Fame)

Requiem: Josie can't lose what she's worked so hard to maintain. (G, OC-Josie, prequel to Before the Fame, during Cindy's Heartbreak)

Before the Fame: Cindy has always wanted fame, but maybe Whitebrook Farm isn't the place to find it. When a tragedy occurs that shoves her away from Whitebrook forever, Cindy may have just found her chance to become what Ashleigh Griffen never allowed her to be -- a true top jockey. Co-written with melsimage. (PG-13, post Cindy's Desert Adventure, sequel to Requiem, no pairing, incomplete)

Star Quality: Cindy has been all over the country, trying to become something that has always slipped out of her grasp. Now, in her quest to become a respected jockey, Cindy falls into Belmont Park and finds the horse that can help her take her first steps in the right direction. (PG-13, post Cindy's Desert Adventure, sequel to Before the Fame, Cindy/OC angst)

A Day in New York: In the wake of tragedy, what is left? (PG-13, during Star Quality)

It Was A Wonder: Wonder's Lady will redefine herself in the Dubai World Cup. (G, OC-Faith, during Star Quality)

Mornings After: How men cope with a morning after. (R, sequel to Star Quality, OC-Ryan)

Brooklynese: Two girls talk. (G, OC-Laura, sequel to Star Quality)

Nothing Better: There's nothing better than galloping through the waves. (G, OC-Jack, sequel to Star Quality)

Saratoga Summer: At Belmont Park in New York, Cindy has found the first glimpses of success. This summer she has decided to go to Saratoga and work alongside David Hernon, who may help Cindy come to a revelation. (R, post Cindy's Desert Adventure, sequel to Star Quality, Cindy/OC angst)

The One Who Remembers: Time is supposed to heal all wounds, but some things cannot be forgiven. (PG, Cindy/OC, sequel to Saratoga Summer)

Top Jockey: Her Kentucky Derby horse has arrived, but with him comes unwelcome ghosts of Cindy's past. As the big day draws closer, Cindy comes nearer to those that drove her away and to the memories that haunt her. (PG-13, post Cindy's Desert Adventure, sequel to Saratoga Summer, Cindy/OC)

Prudence: (PG, set during Top Jockey, Cindy/OC)


The Gravity Series: What if that defining moment failed to exist?
Foundations: Perhaps if things had gone a little differently...

Too Little, Too Much: This is the ending of an era. (PG, no pairing, post Wonder's Yearling)

A Kind of Man: He's not the right one for her, and he knows it.

How to Part the Sea: A tragedy brings forth a conversation in the rain. (PG-13, during Samantha's Pride, Ashleigh/Brad angst)

Victory Comes and Goes: Christmas Eve and a revelation. (PG, post Samantha's Pride, Ashleigh/Brad)

Lente: Slowly, slowly, things fall out of place.

This Far: So many things can happen that couldn't have been predicted. (PG-13, post Pride's Last Race, Ashleigh/Brad)

This Far - Interlude: Drabble involving a sock.

A Summer Afternoon: You can't expect everyone to react with glee and joy, after all. Ashleigh/Brad.

Some Fields Will Blossom: August.  The horses are running at Saratoga.  Ashleigh/Brad.


The Integrity Universe: Who knows you better than your enemy?

Integrity: Their lives have taken strange turns, but they never figured they'd wind up standing side by side. (Ashleigh & Brad, post Cindy's Honor)
Resolution: For Brad Townsend there have always been two women. (Brad/Lavinia)
Oath: She knows, without explanation, the answer to her question. (Ashleigh/Mike)
Argonaut: This is the dawn of a journey. (Ashleigh & Brad)
Albatross: They are side by side. They are not touching. He wouldn’t dare. (Ashleigh & Mike)
Renaissance: They are both right, in a way. (slight Ashleigh/Brad)
Cracks: Him and her and this.  (Ashleigh/Brad) 


Honey Wine Trilogy

Rice and Wheat: This is a world of second thoughts. (Brad/Ashleigh)
Pomegranate: She just wants to. (Brad/Ashleigh)
Sweet Oranges: Wonder's Pride will win the Breeders' Cup. (Brad/Ashleigh)


Chimerical: an alphabetical writing prompt series for Ashleigh and Brad.

Affray: Fire Knows Nothing of Mercy 
Bestow: A Secret Told to the Mouth
Copse: In the Grass under Trees
Dulcet: The Night Shall be filled with Music
Espy: The Price You Pay
Fervid: Decent Godless People
Gauche: A Myriad of Mean Little Chances
Hyperbole: Snake, Bitch, Lover
Inure: The Bodily Habit
Jaded: The Rush and the Glare
Kismet: Tell Me the Mystery of the Universe
Ludic: Good Chemistry
Maugre: The Secret of Greatness


The Good Chemistry Series
Good Chemistry: Ashleigh and Brad need to get home in the snow.  Shenanigans ensue.  (Originally part of Chimerical.)
Fire and Ice in our Blood: Ashleigh falls into a creek.  Brad plays her knight in tarnished armor. 
A Soft White Damn: Ashleigh has morals.  Brad doesn't.  This could present a problem.  

The Long, the Short and the Drabbles

A Hole in Memory: Brad suffers amnesia. Ashleigh suffers a crisis of conscience. (R, Ashleigh/Brad, Brad/Lavinia)

Revival of Ancient Errors: He's never liked the name Wonder's Star, but he lets it stick for sentimental reasons. (R, Ashleigh/Brad, Post-Without Wonder.)

The Far Side of the World
: So many things have suffocated Christina in America: her overbearing mother's famous legacy, her cousin's fast success, Parker's devotion, and all their expectations for her. Christina has her own expectations, and to realize them she flees to Australia. There she sets Star on a new course, and herself in a new life. However, how much can she rest on her horse's shoulders? What will be the cost of Christina's flight? (PG-13, post Starstruck, Christina/OC, complete, Posted Friends Only.)

Mapping the World: On the other side of the world, Christina is faced with family and the daunting task of tying up loose ends. Although things don't go quite as expected. (PG-13, post Starstruck, Christina/OC, Christina/Parker, sequel to The Far Side of the World, Permanently unfinished, Posted Friends Only)

Ms. Spark and Mr. Push: Drabble; A favorite game (Posted Friends Only).

Uncharted: Sequel to Mapping the World, by request.

Yuletide: Ashleigh and Brad in a stolen moment.  (Brad/Ashleigh, during Sierra's Steeplechase. Christmas 2009.)

Altered: The farm's princess and the breeding manager's son.  (Brad/Ashleigh, AU)

Umbrage: Sometimes, belief is not enough. (WIP, Brad/Ashleigh, post Ashleigh's Dream)

The Hearts of the Jealous: Theirs was a collision course starting from year one. (WIP, Brad/Ashleigh, Ashleigh/Mike)

Silkworm: Both know their time has passed. But since when have either admitted defeat? (R, Ashleigh/Brad, post Cindy's Desert Adventure)

Crabapple Blossoms: This is not Cindy Blake's life. (PG-13, pre-Shining's Orphan)

Summer Skin: Water fights have an interesting way of escalating into something else. Ashleigh/Brad.

Mountaintops: Tor is a silly man, but Samantha loves him anyway. Samantha/Tor.

Britain's Greatest Day Out: Two unlikely figures, one unfamiliar place. Samantha/Brad.

La Ville Lumière: She effectively hid herself from view, but what Melanie doesn't realize is that most people aren't allowed that luxury.

Next Year: Five Resolutions That Were Never Made: No one watches the ball drop.

Comfort: Drabble, unspecified characters.

Those Damn Yankees: Drabble, Samantha/OC.

Minoa: It is nine hours by ship from Piraeus to Chania. For Ashleigh it's significantly longer. Ashleigh/Brad.

Truth: Arabian Challenge rewrite.  Cindy, slight Ashleigh/Brad.


Oleanders: He offers her blossoms, white petals cupped delicately between rough hands. Ororo/Logan

With the Wind: Logan comes home, and Ororo is the there to greet him.

Tangled: On the shores of the Alkali, nothing ever changes. Ororo/Logan, Jean/Logan.

The Sea Unites: After the X-Men are no more, two members find each other again. Ororo/Logan.

1,000 Ships: Between Mykonos and New York is a girl with green eyes. Sequel to The Sea Unites. Ororo/Logan.

St. Valentine: Rogue and chocolate. Ororo and Logan with snow. Fun fluff. Ororo/Logan.

In The Side Pocket: Ororo. Logan. A pool table.

Still Breathing: A little recurring dream. Nothing more, nothing less.

Barely Breathing: A sequel of sorts to Still Breathing, but now it's Logan's turn.

Just Breathe: It's time to bring these dreams to an end. What will Logan do?


Old Scars: What, you don’t believe in the random coincidence?

Black Swans: This is the unnatural progression of things. Sequel to Old Scars. Jackson/Lisa.


All fictional writings posted at this journal which portray illegal activities as works of fiction, and are not written to condone, solicit, or encourage any of the illegal activity portrayed therein. Responses to this journal and the act of friending this journal should not be interpreted as expressing an interest in soliciting, condoning, or encouraging illegal activity.

All publicly recognizable characters and settings are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

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*sad face*

I don't have permission to read "Mapping the world" I liked that story SO much on, but haven't been able to figure out LJ until recently.

Thoroughbred fanfiction

I have been reading your thoroughbred fanfiction for a while and I really enjoy it! I especially like your stories of Ashleigh and Brad. I would really love it if you could post some more fanfiction!


I love your stories so much! I know it's been a awhile but is there any chance of a sequel to something's got to give?

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