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By Syrinx

Fan fiction and original writing

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This is the writing journal of syriinx.

The stories posted to this writing journal are fictional. Any resemblance to situations or real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No copyright infringement is intended toward the creators of any canon upon which the fanfiction is based. I do not make any money from writing or posting these stories, nor do I necessarily endorse their content.

The original work posted to this writing journal is friends locked or posted privately. All original material is copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.

Please do not archive without my permission.

The Pretentious and Somewhat Unneeded Friending Policy:
Friend away. All fan fiction is public, so if you're interested go right ahead. Friending back will only occur if I've known you for some significant amount of time, because I also post locked original work. Besides, I think we're all basically here for the fan fic. Nothing wrong with that.

Fan fic is archived at fanfiction.net, WBF Forum, TB Discussion, & Taking Flight.

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